Rising India 2018

What is Rising India 2018

Rising India 2018 has been tailor made and designed, more ambitious and productive enough to envisage a global summit where the world meets. The Global economy confronts serious challenges and slowing economic growth with unpredicted political fragmentation, polarisation and business performances. Every nation is keen in developing policies and converting it in to associations, joint ventures, and Bi/Multi- lateral understandings, better investments along with immunizing the threats of global security, market competence and return of investment for extended profit relations. Understanding the need for better relationships and networking, and thereby opening new avenues with green corridor remains the prime strategy for sustainable growth and development resulting in Nation building and Empowerment.

In this scenario, Rising India 2018 is a unique flagship initiative of INCITE that envisions the multi-national attendance of some of the most distinguished International Leaders, Visionaries, Thought Leaders, Country Heads, State Chiefs, Policy Makers, Academicians, Business Magnets and Corporate Heads to sit together and to put their brains and actions for strategizing and prioritizing action plans to improve the Indian and global economy, thereby mutually facilitating real and smart investments and policies for the participation of foreign delegations.
Even though humpty number of conferences and summit are organised in every part of the world, Rising India 2018 is in par with excellence where every participant has an assured take away. World renowned speakers and influential intellects will enlighten their knowledge, experiences, think- tanks and wisdom thoughts to embrace 7 Keynote and Plenary respectively and 25 plus Breakout sessions to brainstorm and quench the event thirst of the attendees.
“Being Responsible Citizen” and creating a movement among the 1.34 billion Indian hearts and minds making them a part of this event virtually through mass social media campaigns and contest imparting the social responsibility of dreaming for our nation and thereby submitting to the country heads to convert sketches to realities.

CEO Awards of International Excellence and Conference sessions with spear heads of relevant themes comprising all sectors and hosting success stories sessions will be added attractions for the participants. Individuals, companies and countries can build better business relations for scaling up initiatives and discussions and deliberations to meet the government officials on a productive environment.