Rising India 2018


Four Mass Campaign across the globe for Rising India 2018

Rising India 2018 is not just an event of two days happening at New Delhi rather it is a movement across India and a revolution for the globe. Every Indian is made a part of the Event, irrespective of geography, culture, religion, beliefs, age, and profession, gender to spend few minutes to dream, act and support for the nation with their own credentials for the most popular campaign for Nation Building. The Mass Social Campaign and the latest digital interventions enable the presence of the event by virtual interface for the aspirants across the world which runs for 60 days.

My City – Ten Years from Now

We translate your Dreams, Ideas and Plans for Transforming India. Let us network, every Village to City, Metros to Mansions, Children to Elders, Power to Pride to build a strong and sustainable Nation. 1.34 billion Proud Indians starching from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Gujarat to Bengal take up the social responsibility of dreaming for our nation and further envision India to be a global power and a better place for their generations to live in.

Global Innovation Awards

The Global Innovation Awards Celebrate the very best in new innovations in science, engineering and technology showcasing entries from around the world. With categories to choose from there is something from every corner of Industry to reveal the latest innovations, be it Idea, Design, product.

Save Earth Campaign

INCITE laying a platform to voice for saving Mother Earth through a campaign labeled as “SAVE EARTH CAMPAIGN”, as a contest where all ages of people can participate and their vision to save earth can be portrayed as photos, short films based on wildlife conservation, Climate Change, Pollution, Deforestation, Save water etc. Let us come together to save our life-giving and life-saving Mother Earth.

Samruddhi: Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture

  • Governments & Farmers Interface
  • Inauguration of Samruddhi farmers Consortium
  • Launch of Global Agri Business Network
  • Skill & Technology Transfer Workshop series in regional languages
  • Colloquium on Issues and Challenges Vs Sustainable and Effective Solutions
  • Prospects & Provisions of Investments in Agri Industry
  • Engineer & Entrepreneur Zone: Rising demand with and Indian Pride
  • Women Farmers: A new pitch
  • In the limelight: Red Carpet for “The Life makers of India”