Social launch of INCITE Projects


A social project for Adopting widows for their Healthcare and to Support their Deserving Children for Technical and Professional Education

Widows in India are heavily burdened with debts, stress, anxiety, insecurity, and societal isolation. They are cursed with unprotected human rights and are mostly denied of the basic freedom to live. These impart worries and are shadowed about their children and themselves. They usually have frightening nightmares, physical and mental trauma with unhealthy status ever followed by bitter and painful experiences of the past. The drunken deceased husband must have cast debts and liabilities, which piled up due to the bad habits, victims of dowry, misbelieves in culture, custom and traditions of religious and rural origin. The family is in stress and even if she wishes to earn her bread, her young age and the perception of portraying a women in the society makes her feel to end up her life in psychosomatic stigma. The future of the children is in broken pieces, compelling them to discontinue their studies and shoulder up the burden of the family or to be an anti- social element.

Realizing the need and the social responsibility towards widows and their children, INCITE is blessed to launch “MANITHA” to the people of Kerala as a Vishu gift. The councilors or Authorized representative of the respective village units/Panchayats/City Corporation identifies the deserving widows below BPL, even rewarding the former with service and contributions to their rural sectors. Medical Camps, Psychological counselings, Health awareness Programms, Facilitations for livelihood support and opportunities are offered to the target groups to improve the living quality and standards. The deserving children of the widow will be given financial support for professional courses and training for civil service examinations not to make them feel, “If my father was alive, he would have made me a Doctor, Engineer, IAS Officer, IPS Officer” even the government and other well-wishers support until higher education or college degrees of BA or MA. Such students if supported, groomed and trained properly, then would be the best cream and great asset for the nation, who will be dedicated, loyal, and crowned to be the kings of the Nation. Their water and manure in life wear tears, hardships, and losses. INCITE takes up the launch to support 1000 families initially with a unit leader for every hundred members, who will monitor and be spokesperson representing networking and coordinating their groups.


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