Social launch of INCITE Projects

The Grey World-Reaping Happiness:

International Centre for Excellence for the elderly

India is home to more than 150 million senior citizens. The rapid urbanization and paradigm shift to luxury and westernization has polluted the family bondage and Indian traditional value system of our people to modern socio economic priorities and modified status. Parents of our youth belonging to the elderly group are “Headache” to the new generation and they have no time to spend with their parents or to take care of them. The elderly who have dedicated their lives to bring up their children and grandchildren and in serving the society with their occupation and profession remain unloved and isolated. At this stage of decelerating physical, mental and financial strength added with geriatric illness, have made their lives more miserable. Old age homes have mushroomed in metros and cities and are actually a negative social value indicator and a curse to the society. These homes drive and attract sons and daughters to admit their parents with money and materials and they proclaim and highlight to have performed their responsibilities to their parents. The richness of varied experiences and expertise of the elderly has to be converted to productive engagements to break their monotony, keep away from physical and mental illness and make them feel the glory of “self-worthy” till their last breath keeping good smile and satisfaction to have lived on this earth is the main purpose of The Grey World.

We cherish and welcome you to the Real World of Happiness, Love and Peace. Enjoy Heaven on Earth


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